Author - Jose Solis

Episode 486

Kicking this one off with music by LTN, Ghostbeat, later: songs by Tritonal & EMME, Paul Arcane & Scolario, Super8 & Tab and ANG feat. MRKTS and many more great artists.

Episode 483

On this one, songs by AWAKEND & Monika Santucci, STANDERWICK, Bigtopo & The Old Guard, Miroslav Vrlik, Roman Messer & Davey Asprey and many more great artists.

Episode 470

Enjoy this episode with a big remix of "Big Sky" by Andrew Rayel. Also, new tunes by Protoculture feat. Gid Sedgwick, Leonard A, Steve Dekay & D-Minus and many more talented producers.

Episode 466

Amazing new tunes on this episode from the hands of Dezza & Lauren L'aimant, Mark Sixma, Super8 & Tab vs Factor B, Indecent Noise ft. EverLight and many more talented musicians.

Episode 437

I have brand new music for you from the hands of Somna, LTN, Last Soldier, C-Systems & Christian Zechner & Hanna Finsen. An awesome tune from STMPD RCRDS and more.

Episode 428

On this one, magic from the hands of Steve Brian & Danni Baylor, Allen Watts & Roman Messer, Ronski Speed & DJ T.H., Sun Decade feat. Clara Yates. A new Full On 140 Records release and more.

Episode 419

Kicking off the episode with a Deeparture Remix, M6 is back, also new music by Omnia, David Broaders, Miroslav Vrlik. A new Full On 140 Records release and more.

Episode 411

On this episode, a massive new release from Full On 140 Records, also new music by Sound Quelle, The Husky & Mark Digital, Corti Organ & Sarah de Warren and more.

Episode 399

This episode is dedicated to the lovely soul of Kobe Bryant. Kicking off this one with a track from BT. Music by Tom Fall, Tritonal, HALIENE, SCHALA & Jorza, Steve Dekay and more.

Episode 388

A magical Enhanced Recordings to kick off this episode, also, new music by Alex Sonata & TheRio with Linnea Schössow, Holbrook & SkyKeeper, Roman Messer and more great artists.

Episode 383

Kicking off this episode with an epic song by Sultan + Shepard feat. Mougleta. New tracks by Steve Brian, MaRLo, Emanuele Congeddu, RAM & Stine Grove and more.

Episode 380

Kicking off the episode with an outstanding track by Sultan + Shepard. On this episode too: music by Paul Arcane & Sendr, Artento Divini vs Davey Asprey, ReOrder. A new Full On 140 Records release and more.

Episode 377

Kicking off the episode with a very interesting song by farfetch'd. I also have brand new music from the hands of Husman, LEVV, DRYM x Davey Asprey, Giuseppe Ottaviani and more great talents.

Episode 375

This episode includes music from Beatsole & Enzo, Ashley Wallbridge feat. Clara Yates, Roman Messer & Davey Asprey. A new Full On 140 Records release and more.

Episode 358

Amazing episode start with a big release by Colorize label. Also new tracks by Dan Thompson vs Holbrook & SkyKeeper, Gareth Emery & Ashley Wallbridge, Paul van Dyk & Lostly and more outstanding artists.

Episode 357

Kicking off the episode with a tune by Alexander Popov & LTN. New music by Alex Sonata X Solis & Sean Truby, Shogun, Davey Asprey and more talented Trance names.

Episode 350

After 8 years, we've reached Episode 350! New music by Darude feat. Sebastian Rejman, Fast Distance, Gareth Emery & Ashley Wallbridge, Indecent Noise and more.

Episode 349

On this brand new episode, new music from the hands of LTN, Factor B, Roman Messer, Darren Porter, RAM & Natalia Gioia. A new Full On 140 Records release and more.

Episode 338

Kicking off this episode with a tune by Tocalta. New sounds by Andrew Rayel feat. Lola Blanc, Miroslav Vrlik, Solis & Sean Truby, Mark Sixma and more talented names.

Episode 325

Kicking off this episode with an amazing track by Matt Fax. New music by Super8 & Tab, Artento Divini, Damian Wasse, UCast and more talented Trance artists.

Episode 323

On this episode: big records by Chris Schweizer, Steve Allen, Ben Gold & Allen Watts. A brand new Full On 140 Records release by F.G. Noise and more great tunes.

Episode 316

Summer just started. Happy times, new episode with brand new music by Alex Sonata, First State, Jhonny Vergel, Jorn van Deynhoven, Steve Dekay and more great talent.

Episode 301

Starting with a fresh tune by Enhanced Progressive. New music by Husman, Rub!k, Ahmed Romel & Allen Watts, Ferry Tayle, Chris Schweizer. Brand new Full On 140 Records release and more.

Episode 300

7 years later, here's Episode 300 with new music by Sean Sines, Mindset, Rodg, Purple Stories, Gareth Emery & Ashley Wallbridge, Paul van Dyk & Alex M.O.R.P.H. and more big artists.

Episode 295

Starting with a very sensitive track by Andrew Benson. A big vocal tune by Denis Kenzo & Clara Yates. Daniel Kandi & Exouler new tune on Always Alive. A huge Arctic Moon remix and more outstanding music.

Episode 293

Nice episode with a big remix by Mark Sherry for Markus Schulz, a new Dan Thompson tune, Indecent Noise's "Kamehameha", a new Full On 140 Records release and more great music.

Episode 289

Lovely tune to kick off the show by Envotion, LTN goes crazy with "Memory", awesome collab by Heatbeat & DIM3NSION, the new Dark Fusion & Allen Watts tune "Hyperion" and more great tracks.

Episode 286

Stunning track by Chicane to kick this episode off, a wonderful track by Johnny Yono. Great tracks by Monoverse & Tim Verkruissen, Driftmoon & Allen Watts, Miroslav Vrlik & Andre Visior and more awesome artists.

Episode 284

Outstanding remix by Solis & Sean Truby on this episode. New music by A & Z, ReOrder & RAM, Damian Wasse. New Full On 140 Records release and more awesome music.

Episode 283

Stunning episode with tracks by Alexander Popov, Tenishia, First State, Vigel, Ben Gold, Andres Sanchez, Arctic Moon, Purple Stories and more great artists.

Episode 280

A cool remix to kick off this episode. New tracks by Kago Pengchi, LTN, Beatsole, Indecent Noise. A brand new Full On 140 Records release and more great music.

Episode 279

Big track by Matt Fax feat. Tania Zygar to start the episode, new sounds by Jaytech, Noise Zoo, Aly & Fila with Ferry Tayle, Bjorn Akesson and more huge names.

Episode 277

This episode starts with an amazing Anjunabeats release, also two Mangal Suvarnan tracks on this episode. The very first release of Andrew Rayel's new label, originals by MaRLo, W&W, Vini Vici and more great artists.

Episode 272

New Macarize release, the big new tune by Aly & Fila with Philippe El Sisi & Omar Sherif feat. Karim Youssef, a killer track by Chris Schweizer and other great songs.

Episode 271

It all starts with an amazing Andrew Rayel remix for Armin, later new music by FEEL, F.G. Noise, Jorn van Deynhoven, A & Z, a brand new Full On 140 Records release and more great tracks.

Episode 266

A new Anjunabeats release to start the show, the legendary collab between Cosmic Gate & Emma Hewitt is back, Ben Gold & Omnia team up for a big tune, new sounds by RAM, Rene Ablaze and more great artists.

Episode 263

A lovely start with Armin's elegant new song called "Sunny Days", the legend ATB is back with new music, a huge ReOrder remix and more great music including unreleased one.

Episode 260

Sander van Doorn back to the show after ages. Ruben de Ronde, Rodg & Orjan Nilsen huge collab, new tunes by Arctic Moon, Ben Nicky, Miroslav Vrlik and more great artists.

Episode 259

Starting huge with Above & Beyond, a monster track by Andrew Rayel & Christina Novelli, a brand new Heatbeat tune, an Always Alive Recordings release and more great tracks.

Episode 257

Protoculture starts this amazing episode with a magical tune, new releases from Anjunabeats & Enhanced Progressive. The new ReOrder & Driftmoon tune on this episode and more awesome sounds.

Episode 254

The new huge Andrew Rayel & Emma Hewitt collab, a stunning Kago Pengchi remix, Daniel Kandi & Dreamy new uplifting tune, a monster remix under Damaged Records and more great music.

Episode 253

Outstanding MaRLo & First State track to start this episode, a new release from Denis Kenzo's new label, Ahmed Romel's new huge uplifting tune, a Rielism gem and more great music.

Episode 252

Kicking off the show with a great Soundprank track, Fatum's new tune, a huge M6 unreal track, new FSOE release by Aly & Fila, a big Subculture release and more great music.

Episode 249

On this episode: the amazing track "Tech Noir" by Indecent Noise, the wonderful Ana Criado & Alan Morris new tune, closing with a new Full On 140 Records release and more great music.

Episode 248

Ashley Wallbridge and KARRA open this episode, a great ilan Bluestone track, a cool Standerwick remix for Armin, James Dymond & Chris Schweizer new huge tune and more great tracks.

Episode 247

ATB & Andrew Rayel collab, yes, not kidding, Mark Sixma & Betsie Larkin collab, Andy Moor & Lange collab and other huge artists on this episode, it's unreal.

Episode 243

Ashley Wallbridge starts the episode with a stunning tune, JES & Tenishia have a monster vocal tune, a big DRYM remix, Indecent Noise has an insane track, Chris Schweizer is back with a huge release and more great music.

Episode 242

Seven Lions & Jason Ross have a killer vocal tune, a huge M6 Remix on WAO138?!, Daniel Kandi vs. Witness45 collab to create an insane uplifting one, more great tracks of course.

Episode 241

Starting the show with an amazing new track by Kago Pengchi, Johnny Yono has a cool tune, the new UCast & Magnus tune, Fabio XB & Marell feat. Christina Novelli and other great tracks.

Episode 240

On this episode: Protoculture's "Asphalt", the new track by Corti Organ & Dan Thompson, a new Full On 140 Records release by Aimoon, an insane remix by Vlind and many more great tunes.

Episode 238

Maor Levi killing it with the first track, new KhoMha Remix, a massive collab between Cosmic Gate & JES, James Dymond's "Show The World" and many more great tunes.

Episode 237

Starting properly with an amazing Sunny Lax Remix, the new massive David Gravell hit, Stoneface & Terminal, Suncatcher, Armin van Buuren and many more great artists on this episode.

Episode 236

Jeza's voice on this episode, the new Maor Levi Remix for Above & Beyond feat. Alex Vargas, Heda by Iversoon & Alex Daf, new FSOE release and many more cool tunes.

Episode 231

Starting deep with Mr. de Ronde & THNK, new Protoculture Remix for Armin, Photographer Remix of "Days of Wonder" by M6, last tune by Chris Schweizer & Heatbeat. Other great tunes in.

Episode 226

A new amazing remix for Armin van Buuren & Mr. Probz's "Another You", killer FSOE and ASOT releases, the new insane tune by Heatbeat on WAO138?! and other great tunes.

Episode 221

Armin van Buuren feat. Sharon den Adel's epic song has a new remix, new Jordan Suckley Remix for Markus Schulz, Sam Jones' Brainstorm and many more great tunes.

Episode 220

A wonderful track by Norman Doray feat. Ethan Thompson, "Amnesia" by Ashley Wallbridge, Ben Nicky & Chris Schweizer's heavy new one and many other great tunes.

Episode 217

Ost & Meyer's new EP on Zero Three Music, the stunning Fisherman & Hawkins Remix for Armin & Hardwell's "Off The Hook", the brilliant FSOE 450 Anthem and more.